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Our Testimonials

  • "This is a follow-up to our successful move of our daughter's belongings from Omaha, Nebr. to Davis, California. The move went very well. The pup was delivered to our house in Omaha as promised on Friday, May 9th and was picked up promptly Monday morning, May 12th for the move to California. During the week of transition, I appreciated being able to track the consignment via the 800 telephone number and the consignment code. When we arrived at Davis, California, the pup was delivered at 8:30 Tuesday morning, May 20th. We had our things unloaded by 1:00. I called the transport office to say the pup was ready to be picked up, and it was picked up by 3:30. We appreciated the prompt delivery and pickup, as we were dealing with a tight parking area and didn't want to block traffic too long. The cost of Help-U-Move was very comparable to U-Haul, without the hassle and time of driving across country. We saved a week of vacation time by going with Help-U-Move. I will keep your telephone number, e-mail address and Internet web address on file, as I have no hesitation about recommending your services based on our experience. "

    Bryce Anderson - Omaha, Nebraska
  • "This has certainly been the most eventful moving experience I've ever had; but then, this is the first time I've moved a family of five across the country. After checking out prices of several types of moving services, we found your package price to be the most economical. We had no trouble with the truck, it arrived as planned on every occasion (we even made mistakes by not calling in on time for both the full load pick up and the full load delivery). All in all, we were very satisfied with the quality service you provided. You were always helpful and informative. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

    Phyliss W. - Coral Springs Florida
  • "Thank you for making a 2600 mile journey from Philadelphia to Tucson the least painful moving experience I have had to date. I have actually had more problems and property damage simply moving from one part of Philadelphia to another! Both you and the staff at the terminals in Pennsylvania and Arizona were responsive to my needs and concerns about the transport of my belongings. The original transit time of 5 business days was met, and everything arrived untouched and undamaged. Before stumbling onto your Web site, I looked into the other options for transporting my belongings. U-Haul and its competitors quoted me at about $1400, not to mention the expenses that I would have incurred on the road. Paying half of what I expected to by using Help-U-Move was a surprise and a relief. I recommend your service without reservation, and if there is another move in my future, I would definitely call on you again."

    Dave Sokolove - Tucson, Arizona
  • "We are in the military so we move often.  We tried the full service route, but ended up with things missing and damaged.  We tried the U-Haul route but then our family ended up in 2 vehicles driving across the country which we did not like, and we tried a self service move with a big trucking company but it was too impersonal, they treated us like a number and were slow to answer our questions.  Then we found Help-U-Move, your staff was friendly, courteous, and available when we needed.  We will definitely use Help-U-Move again and we are telling all of our friends about your company.  Thank you for the help moving!"

    Name withheld by request of customer
  • "I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate you and the service you provided me for my recent move from Palm Springs to Lexington. This was the smoothest most worry free move I've ever experienced. Thanks for taking the time to guide me through the process and update me on the status of the move along the way. I believe that your company will render the other moving services obsolete as soon as word of mouth gets around and you are "discovered" by more people. By the way, I spoke with the drivers and the dispatcher here and they were very friendly and courteous. .......I've told everyone I know how well the move went and I will recommend you to anyone I know in need of your services. Thanks again and good luck."

    Mel Baker - Lexington KY
  • "I just finished moving myself from San Francisco to New York City using Help-U-Move and wanted to thank you for a great job. I was completely satisfied from start to finish with the information and service provided. I was apprehensive at first, not having had experience with your company but Keith was very helpful explaning how the move worked and what to expect. Everyone that I dealt with at Help-U-Move and the trucking company was very helpful, friendly and professional. I was especially worried moving from a large city with parking concerns but everything went very smoothly thanks to the extra concern of everyone involved. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is moving and wants a cheaper and easier alternative than renting a truck and driving yourself or using a very expensive full service mover. If you don't mind doing the work yourself, this is by far much cheaper and you don't have to drive the truck yourself. I'll take less work and a lower price any day of the week. Thanks again for a great job. You made a stressful move much more pleasant. Please feel free to use this letter on your website. I hope a lot more people find out about this great service. I'll be sure to recommend this to anyone I know who is moving."

    Mark R. Cummings - New York City
  • "This is to notify you that the shipping has been completed. Yesterday we took possession of the furniture shipment. They came and picked up the empty trailer late last night. Therefore, we are all done. In the future, we would use your services again. Your bid was competitive with other Freight Shipping Agents. As for as full service movers, they were charging between 2 times and 2 1/2 times your rate. Even U-Haul was about substantially more. Prior to deciding to use Help-U-Move, we conducted a lot of research on your company and others. We were moving antique furniture from Louisiana to Washington -- all pieces were 50-75 years old and held great personal value. For that reason, we did our research. I am very happy to say that all went well during the move. The truck arrived on time; no items suffered any damage; and, with the money we saved using your service, we were able to pay for a professional to refurbish our antique furniture. Thanks. We would recommend your service to others."  

    Warren Brown - Mercer Island Washington
  • "This message is to let you know that the delivery was on time, nothing was broken and we were satisfied with the job you did. In the future, if we need to move, we will choose your company again."  

    Peggy Yen & Erik Hellikson - Portland Oregon
  • "I'm writing to thank you once again for Help-U-Move's good service. This was an inexpensive move, and the truck even arrived two days earlier than estimated!"  

    John M. Espy - Lawrence Kansas
  • "The move was smooth out here. We were thrilled at not having to pull a large trailer behind our truck across country. Also, the folks both in Nashville and in Union City were very nice and prompt with the trailer delivery."

    Elizabeth S. - Union City California
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