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Moving Tips

Preparing For Your Upcoming Long Distance Move.

  1. Consider selling your unwanted items at a yard sale or donating them to charity.
  2. Disassemble all items you can.
  3. Do not ship flammable items or things that will spoil or leak. Empty the propane tank from barbecue grill and properly purge hose or discard and buy a new one when you arrive at  your new home.
  4. Label each box with the room it came from and its contents. Color coded stickers work great for easily sorting boxes.
  5. Load heavy appliances securely against the front wall of the trailer and secure them.
  6. Loose cushions, pillows and blankets should be placed in plastic bags and used as pads between furniture to prevent rubbing.
  7. Mark boxes containing fragile items in large easy to read letters “FRAGILE”
  8. Pad all furniture with blankets or bubble wrap. Secure padding to furniture.  When possible, remove the legs from furniture and place all bolts/screws in a plastic bag and tape it to the bottom of the furniture. If you need blankets most charitable organizations sell regular quilts and blankets for a very reasonable price.  Home Depot sells moving quilts, and some truck rental places will rent them to you. Crushed cardboard also helps pad furniture.
  9. Secure drawers of furniture from opening during transit.
  10. Try to keep boxes to 50 pounds or less and always lift with your legs. Tape the bottom of all boxes to make certain they will hold your belongings.  It is also recommended that the top of the boxes be taped shut to ensure that it will not open while being loaded, unloaded or while in transit.
  11. Whenever possible, use the original shipping boxes for televisions, computers, stereo equipment and other electronics. Boxed items travel much better.
  12. Wrap sofas in plastic and stand them on end to reduce the space used.
  13. Cover paintings with cardboard to protect them in transit.
  14. Pianos – We suggest hiring a piano mover to properly pack and load it onto out truck.
  15. It is dangerous and illegal to transport flammable and hazardous materials. If you have any flammable or combustible materials please dispose of them properly.  This includes propane, kerosene, gasoline, motor oil, paint, turpentine, etc.

 Make Sure You Have These Moving Supplies On Hand.

  1. Rent an appliance dolly to load appliances and other heavy objects.
  2. Boxes – Try to box everything. The better you package your belongings the better they will travel. Boxed/square items usually stack better than those not boxed so please take your time and package everything properly. The more boxes you have the better your move should go. Make sure they have tops. We like free boxes the best and you can get them from liquor stores, supermarkets or your office. Our favorite boxes have handles like copy paper boxes, record boxes, and banana boxes. You also can buy boxes from a truck rental agency or moving company, but that can be expensive. Wardrobe boxes are the only boxes we recommend purchasing. These are great for transporting suits and dresses. You should also consider purchasing plastic footlockers from K-Mart or Wal-Mart for extremely fragile belongings. This will prevent items from getting crushed by the weight of other objects you load in the truck.
  3. Tape – We suggest purchasing 2 large rolls of 2-inch wide packing tape and possibly even a tape gun/dispenser if it is a big job.
  4. Clothes line, twine or rope (Clothes line is our favorite)
  5. Scissors or a pocket knife to cut the rope
  6. Magic Markers or other marking pens. You will need these to label your boxes.
  7. Large plastic bags or shrink wrap to protect your belongings.
  8. Newspaper, crushed cardboard, and towels or rags for padding.
  9. Blankets, quilts and moving pads

How To Properly Load A Moving Truck

  1. Load heavy items on bottom, lighter items on top.
  2. Load items as tight as possible to prevent shifting, rubbing or puncturing during transit; no spaces between boxes and/or furnishings. Space between items will cause movement, which may damage your belongings.
  3. Use your space well, pack everything high and tight.
  4. Tie everything off! Movement causes damage. Our trailers have wooden floor boards which allow you to secure your belongings and tie things off.
  5. Bulkheading – The bulkhead is designed to secure your shipment from shifting or falling over.  The contract we will send you has detailed, easy to follow directions.  Basically this is a wall that separates your goods from the rest of the trailer.

Remember to utilize your space wisely and pack well!

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